Tips and Advice


Natural Stone products are a naturally occurring material and may vary in colour, veining and texture which is beyond our control. Whilst best endeavours are made in the supply of natural stone materials as close as possible to samples given, some variations may occur.
Please consult with Granite & Stone Gallery prior to your next purchase for advice, tips, sealing and installation techniques to ensure your purchase meets your expectations.

Please Note: Do not use hydrochloric acid on Granite products as it may cause acid burn and scar the material which cannot be reversed. Granite & Stone Gallery takes no responsibility on any event if this procedure is undertaken.


We use and recommend the following Crommelin Commercial Grade Sealers

Stain Repel
Natural Finish Sealer
Installation Techniques

Natural stone needs to be laid differently to other products. Here are with a few helpful tips for correct installation.

The ground should be prepared using a good road base (crusher dust or crushed limestone) ensuring the longevity of the installation.

Natural stone can still be paved like normal paving however as natural stone is butt jointed when laid (no gaps) it is advised not to use a plate compactor over the stone upon finish as this may chip the product.

Grading natural stone prior to installation is also very helpful as it allows the inspection of the stone prior to installation.

The preferred method is to lay the materials upon a bed of bricklayers cement (mud) 20 to 30mm thick as this can be then laid like a tile, ensuring the stone is laid flat and has a stronger base below.

We are able to recommend skilled tradespersons to undertake any aspect of your project to ensure the end result matches the quality of the materials.