Basalt - Bluestone - Blue Limestone

Basalt / Bluestone is an extrusive igneous rock type predominantly composed of plagioclase, pyroxene and olivine with smaller amounts of iron and titanium oxides.

The main components of the mineral include the alkali feldspar and pyroxene, and the subsidiary minerals include olivine, hornblende and biotite.

In general Basalt / Bluestone is black, grey sometimes green and dark purple. Most of the structure is in the shape of pores (sometimes referred to as cat paw) which is formed from the sprouting and cooling of the lava that leads to a reduction in pressure allowing dissolved gases to form as fine bubbles within the flow. These bubbles coalesce as they drift upwards within the flow, creating larger bubbles most of which are captured within the solidifying stone.

Basalt / Bluestone has strong resistance to wear and is commonly used within building construction for walling and flooring, including commercial & domestic paving.

Basalt Rebated Overhang Main Photo

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